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Ally Kerr, the Scottish singer-songwriter, is renowned for his blend of melodic, wistful, folk-tinged, cinematic, indie pop. His distinctive style and emotive storytelling are set to captivate once again with his upcoming album, “True Nature,” set for release in 2024.

Described as one of “Scotland’s best-kept secrets, “True Nature” showcases a blend of acoustic and electric guitars, piano, strings, synths, and soundscapes – all with his distinctive vocal at the heart.

March 2024:

Ally Kerr is currently in the final stages of completing his album, “True Nature,” set for release in 2024.

The album represents a return to his singer-songwriter roots and stands as a significant milestone in Kerr’s career, being his second venture into self-production, following his work on the “Soundtracks” instrumental album.

“True Nature” showcases a blend of acoustic and electric guitars, piano, strings, synths, and soundscapes – all with his distinctive vocal at the heart.

Following a hiatus from live performances since his 2019 headline tour of China, Kerr has dedicated himself to crafting a collection of melody-driven songs that highlight his emotive vocals and songwriting prowess.

With a musical journey spanning four albums and a dedicated following that has grown organically, Kerr’s music has been featured on various international platforms, including Japanese TV animation and Netflix.

Kerr’s distinctive blend of indie pop, baroque folk-pop, and cinematic influences has earned him recognition as one of Scotland’s “best-kept secrets”. With an enthusiastic fan base scattered across the world, Kerr has delivered notable performances in Asia and Europe, and looks forward to sharing his new music with fans old and new through a series of live performances to support the release.

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Assorted media quotes:

“A great songwriting talent from Scotland” – Bob Harris, BBC

“Quietly confident third album from Glasgow pop-folkie……there’s wisps of cinematic wistfulness, there’s a bit of Paul Simon and emotional resilience which hints, quietly, at Ennio Morricone” 8/10 – UNCUT magazine

“Scottish folk with a pop tinge. If Stuart from Belle & Sebastian did a solo gig…” –  Washington Post

A luxurious delicacy” – Femme Actuelle (France)

“A dark, dreamy, captivating album…the melodic gems  grow stronger with each listening” – The Herald

“A heady combination of guitar riffs and pop melody has seen Ally Kerr become the next big thing on the British music scene” – Time Out Singapore

“Outstanding melodies and charm. A pop classic” – Rock Deluxe (Spain)

“A sparkling tunesmith” – Metro

“Beautifully melancholic” – Press Association

“Kerr’s songs meld the saccharin side of Belle and Sebastian with the kind of melancholy that Paul Simon’s cat must feel at the end of a day’s recording after milk and biscuits. They are beautifully written and wistful” – Sunday Herald

“One of Scotland’s best-kept secrets offers another magical mix” – Daily Record (Scotland’s biggest-selling national daily)

“Simply beautiful tunes” – Music Magazine (Japan)

“Songs to go quietly wild for” –  Maverick Magazine

“One of Scotland’s brightest rising stars” – The List

“Sweet pop gems”, “An undiscovered gem” – Sunday Mail (Scotland’s biggest-selling newspaper)