Ally on Japanese TV

Ally will be appearing in NHK’s City Walk /Somewhere Street show「世界ふれあい街歩き グラスゴー」this Tuesday 14th October. The episode covers the city of Glasgow in Scotland. Ally will be publishing a little blog about the experience one the show has been broadcast. Read more →

More reviews

More reviews continue to come in. Here’s a couple of the latest: As a reviewer, I get sent more music than I can possibly listen to. Not least because when an album as lovely and beautiful as this, it tends to get many listens. And deservedly so. While Ally Kerr was a new name to me, this is something that I am… Read more →


I recently did an interview with a new Scottish blog and I just re-read the piece and realised there are more places that have been my favourite place to play like Madrid, Paris, Hamburg, Singapore, Manila, Beijing and more.. ah, all bring back great memories. Impossible really to pick one. Japan was my first show overseas and really made an… Read more →