Man’s Man

Man’s Man is taken from the album Viva Melodia.
To view this video with Japanese subtitles please visit:…
To view this video with Chinese subtitles please visit:…
To view this video with Spanish subtitles please visit :…


9 thoughts on “Man’s Man

  1. Laurent S

    I’m very happy to listen to a your new refreshing song. My girlfriend will be so glad to listen it tomorrow morning for her birthday :) .
    Thank you for all the work you did to give us such good music.


    i am so glad that you have new works to share with us again. But i’m so sorry that it’s not so convenient for us chinese to watch it on youtube, would you mind to upload this to another vedio web?

  3. Ally

    Hi Zheng. It should be up on Chinese video sites like Youku fairly soon once the record label sort that out. Thanks for your enquiry.

  4. Dennis Dominique

    It’s so good to see you back with more songs to show us.
    You are part of my childhood Ally.
    I will always remember you.
    Thank you so much for your wonderful melodies, keep it shining and always making us smile.
    (Sorry any Typo x.x)

  5. Crayon

    I am a fan of you in China.
    For some reason , your fans in China except Taiwan cannot see the video in YOUTOBE.
    What a pity!
    I don’t know if you could visit a website called YOUKU(,we can see you video in here.

    is great!
    Welcome to China~and welcome to BAIDU TIEBA .
    We are waiting for your coming!


  6. Ally

    Hi Crayon. Thanks, I hope I can play for you one day. I will try to get the Man’s Man Chinese version on Youku soon.

    Best wishes,

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